Major Art Studio and Gallery
John Spivey, Freelance Artist and Owner
13050 M-26 Lake Shore Drive
Eagle Harbor, MI 49950
Phone: 906-289-4294

When you visit the Eagle Harbor and Copper Harbor area of the Keweenaw Peninsula, stop by the Major Art Studio and Gallery where you might find artist John Spivey working in his studio. The Major Art Studio and Gallery is located on Highway M-26, 4 miles south of Copper Harbor and 10 miles north of Eagle Harbor part of Eagle Lodge and Lakeside Cabins in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The studio is open daily. If John isn’t in the studio, please stop by the office at Eagle Lodge and Lakeside Cabins and he will open the studio for browsing.

The Studio offers a variety of art. For example: graphite drawings, charcoal on French paper, oil on canvas, and a multitude of sculpture, some from found objects. All two dimensional pieces are offered complete in matting, black wood in glass, or just shrink wrapped. The Gallery exclusively represents the works of John Spivey.

 John has a BFA degree in Fine Arts from the College for Creative Studies (CCS). In addition, he studied fine arts at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. John's early apprencticeships are numerous. Mr. Spivey has exhibited throughout Upper and Lower Michigan, Ohio, and Washington, DC.

Image Statement 2013 By John Spivey

Given the infinite choices that are available to me once I reached a comfortable level of technical competency in my work I then became confronted with the question, can I distinguish my work from all else that I have seen and especially admired.” 

This problem took me to places artistically speaking that I didn’t think I wanted to go, but by using the law of automation or chance to guide me and integrating an understanding of design within a visible structure, I have found that unique means of expression I seek. In the spiritual realm, chance isn’t what it appears to the modern intellect as just coincidence or happenstance but a snapshot of the higher reality that rules and governs. What seems arbitrary is really a road map into the soul or at least the unconscious mind of the actor.

My work is a translation from the irrational unconscious-providing a visible means to see previously unknown aspect of self in the form of abstractions set within a framework. By using oil paint and ordinary materials to make sculpture and in keeping this exploration pure in accordance with artistic truth, I am not concerned with the burdens of beauty, perspective or in most cases hue.

The Major Art Studio and Gallery is dedicated primarily to Abstract Art.

Stop by the Major Art Studio and Gallery on the shores of Lake Superior and enjoy this dynamic collection of art.
Appointments are appreciated, but walk-ins are always welcome.

For additional information  Phone: 906-289-4294
or E-mail:


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