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SnowGoer Magazine Snowmobiling Awards

Annual SnowTime Awards

From SnowGoer Magazine, March, 2004, pp. 54-56


SnowTime awards serve as a popularity contest of sorts in the world of snowmobiling. We ask you to tell us, without reserve, exactly who you like the best and the winners of SnowTime balloting get a plaque noting their honor.

Once again, the award for the best overall Snowmobiling area goes to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. "A definite favorite area to ride in and to enjoy."

"Chalk up another Number 1 spot for Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Make no mistake, the U.P. is where it's at, according to Snow Goer readers who voted. Miles of trails, plenty of scenic views and more, cater to snowmobilers of every skill level and age." If you close your eyes and imagine perfect riding, what do you see? Do you visualize trails weaving through the forest? Do you see hotels with more snowmobiles than cars in the parking lot? Can you just about feel the wind buffeting against your jacket and hear the sound of your snowmobiling brethren from miles away? Do you yearn for a juicy cheeseburger and a side of fried cheese curds? Well, welcome to the best all-around snowmobile spots in North America. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan, with an average snowfall of 60 to over 200 inches, offers plenty of snowmobiling amid spectacular natural beauty.

1. Upper Peninsula, Michigan
2. Quebec
3. Wisconsin North Woods
Honorable Mention: Old Forge, New York; Ontario; West Yellowstone, Montana; Bottineau, North Dakota

With boundless snow, varying terrain and more, Michigan's Upper Peninsula is one of nature's wonders, and that's why Snow Goer Readers voted it the top scenic snowmobiling area. To the east, snowmobilers voted Quebec as one of the second most scenic areas.

1.Upper Peninsula, Michigan
2. (tie) Quebec; West Yellowstone, Montana
3. Cooke City, Montana
Honorable Mention: Vermont; Ontario; Jackson, Wyoming; Stanley, Idaho; Grand Lake, Colorado

Michigan's Upper Peninsula, with its maze of trails and abundant snowmobile culture, takes first place.

Groomed trails stretch like highways in the U.P. More than 2,500 miles of trails take snowmobilers through forests, over rolling hills and across frozen lakes and streams. Smooth swoops and turns feel like frosting on a birthday cake. Then there are the trails with enough raw miles that it seems you can circle the snowbelt and never cross the same track twice. That's what folks like about the system in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and why it makes a regular appearance as the best place to ride trails.

1. Upper Peninsula, Michigan
2. Quebec
3. (tie) Wisconsin Northwoods; Ontario
Honorable Mention: West Yellowstone, Montana; St Germain, Wisconsin; Continental Divide Trail; Eagle River, Wisconsin; Old Forge, New York; Aroostook County, Maine.

With snow depths measured in feet, it's no wonder why Michigan's Upper Peninsula scored high in the votes. Powder equals big snow, open play areas and the incredible view of solid white. The top vote-getters have all those qualities. If you don't think that Upper Michigan gets powder, think again. The Keweenaw Peninsula typically gets so much lake effect snow that they're buried even when the rest of the state is dry. West Yellowstone, with its off-trail playgrounds, gets the Rocky Mountain powder. We've come to expect superb powder, and so have you in voting the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to first place.

1. Upper Peninsula Michigan
2. (tie) West Yellowstone, Montana; Tug Hill, New York
3. Togwotee, Wyoming

The trail-laden Upper Peninsula of Michigan offers tight, technical, quick-thinking riding. Terrain-reading takes a front seat, and a variety of trail conditions and locations provide the spice. These trails will push you to the limits.

1. Upper Peninsula, Michigan
2. Cook City, Montana
3. (Tie) Speculator, New York; Togwotee, Wyoming

1. Manoir Richleay, La Malbaie, Quebec

1. Hoop 'N Holler, Merriweather, Upper Peninsula of Michigan
2. Buckhorn Bar, Munising, Upper Peninsula of Michigan
3. Sportsman's Lodge, Tug Hill, New York


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